15. 2. 2015


Hello everyone, and welcome on my site dedicated to the history of WWII - the worst of all human conflicts. It´s my deepest wish that you will find information published on this site useful in some way. Maybe you are working on your school project, maybe you want to know something about events in which your ancestors were involved or maybe you are just interested in this historical period of paramount importance. Whatever your reason for a visit is, you are mostly welcome here as I strongly believe that it´s the responsibility of our generation - and of any generation to come - to keep WWII history alive. As George Santayana - author, poet and philosopher - said: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Hungarian Jews in Auschwitz - children and older people were not considered usable as labour force. They were killed in gas chambers...

(Bundesarchiv Bild 183-N0827-318) 

Bodies of victims in Nanking where tens of thousands of people were massacred by Japanese army in 1937
(ISBN 4-88900-218-9)

Allow me to introduce myself at this moment: I am 33 years old guy living in Prague, Czech Republic. I work in R&D in the field of chemistry. Modern history - and especially history of WWII - is one of my greatest interests. As a youngster, I loved to read war books and watch war movies. My image of WWII was defined my "The Longest Day", "A Bridge Too Far", "Midway", "Tora, Tora, Tora, Tora" and many others. Nice pieces of art but the war seemed to be great, romantic adventure. As I was getting older I began to realize the reality - those millions who died were not supporting actors, they were real people who had their dreams, who loved, who felt joy and pain and horror. They had loved ones, families and friends. When I´ve realized this, WWII was never the same for me. I´m still interested in every aspect of it, but I try to see real people and their feelings much more than technical characteristics of weapons. And the true is that if you are really interested in it, you cannot avoid several questions: How something like this happen? Why something like this happen? And most importantly - Can something like this happen again? I´m sure it can, and only way to avoid it is to be careful students of history. It gives us the lecture, the rest is upon us....